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Almost everyone knows about Milan. It is one of the biggest Italian cities and I would say one of the most pleasant to many different people. There can find a real romance and also a wild night partying. Maybe it is because o its history which dates back to around 220 BC when it was found by the Celtic people. That is why nowadays there still remains sign from different centuries mixed with new, modern buildings and attractions. As the tourists needs also places to relax themselves, the entertainment business also blossoms. There are many places where to feel the historical background. Duamo Cathedral is a great example of gothic style. It looks just stunning at the sunny time when the sun’s beams reflects at the big windows creating a kaleidoscopic colors which reach the downside of the building from the inside. For more artistic impressions you can visit Santa Maria delle Grazie where can see Leonardo da Vinci paintings. Other place to find painting from artists like Andrea Mantegna and Sandro Botticelli is in the Poldi Pezzoli museum. This place gives a really elegant and historical atmosphere. To try the local food we advise to visit restaurant Don Carlos. On the walls can find original prints and sketches with the motive opera La Scala. All the lighting turns the time back to the 19th century giving more romantic feeling. It is the right place for a couple. If you haven’t got a second half, than you better try some wilder side of Milan to understand that being single sometimes is even better. At the nightclub Plastic you can see how the local and also tourists can be wild. The local’s there attracts that there play more Italian music than in other places. Naturally there plays also international techno music. Great is that in Sundays there is free admission and that means you have nothing to lose. Feel free to meet some nice Milan escort girl with dark hair and lovely smile. If you meet someone a nice enjoyment for both would be going to Bhangra Bar. There plays also African music which allows trying some crazier dance moves getting also more intimate. The interior also matches it mixing with the international one, because there plays also that kind of music. To get the feeling of youth, the Rolling Stone place is great. There plays rock all week long and on Tuesdays there is a nightclub. You can jump like a crazy and that won’t surprise anyone, because there always are some true rockers with age over 50. Be sure that they seem livelier for their age and with the right company you can feel the same way. For escorts in Milan is a great place and also for a lonely person. Everyone will find some enjoyment for them, no matter wild, crazy, sensual or romantic. Nightlife and day time can bring everything. Italian greatest city is waiting to make your free time unforgettable and not regrettable. Our partners in Emirates - Dubai Escorts contacts and Secret Abu Dhabi Escorts service for companion dating.