Explore and Enjoy Stavanger Most Popular Places and Nightlife

Stavanger is an interesting big city in Norway which attracts many history admirers and also ordinary tourists because of its beautiful nature, cityscape which is mixed with old wooden houses and also, of course, entertainment. For those who like the walking in many different museums, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum is one of the top ones which need to be explored. It is located near the harbor and reflects the fact that the city has been Norwegian oil capital. Did you know that nowadays it is the head city for the energy company Statoil? It is a popular company not only in Norway as its home, but also all over the world. Stavanger museum of Fine art offers to see the largest collection of Norwegian painters from last 2 centuries. Seeing this city reflected in painting can be really pleasant even for those who haven’t got much interest in art. It is located in a beautiful place near the Mosvann Lake and park with the same name. That gives a perfect place just for walking around. Your other half definitely will like it, but even if you haven’t got any female companion, there is easy to get to know some people who will show you around. If you are too shy even for that, you can book a female. Despite she is an Oslo escort girl, she can still remain really professional still making your day amazing entertainment.One of the main historical things to see except museums is the Stavanger Cathedral. Even seeing the high towers form the outside is pretty breathtaking. The Three Swords monument at Hafrsfjord stands for the victory over the Vikings which had ruled there many centuries. Then it is clear why it consists of 3 enormous Viking-style swords. Despite it is around 6 kilometers from the city centre, it is worth visiting.For the meal time not going far away from the centre there is Straen fiskerestaurant. There can find the best and freshest sea cached creatures. Ony one block away from there is located Newsman Nyhetscafe which is more lively and offers extra good cost for beer. More historical atmosphere can get at Naloyet which has a really antique look achieved with wooden paneling. There can also get good and pretty cheap beer, but the problem can be that it simply gets too crowded because of the small place. If you get lucky, sit down and enjoy the atmosphere which isn’t bad if you got a place for yourself. Great nightclub is Hall Toll. The dance floor is wide and the public is lively. It is a place where the nightlife takes its turns. The best entertainment still can be found at private parties which mostly are organized near the water enjoying the view towards the city. That is why it is important to get a good city-shower.We offer you to book some hot Norwegian and elite Istanbul escort girl which could get discounts and make the living easier. Feel free to enjoy and explore Stavanger.