Visit Bergen Stunning Nature and Delightful Nightlife

Find here best girls for datings - Istanbul Escort listing. Norway nowadays has become one of the top tourist destinations from the places all around the world. Not only the capital Oslo is great place to see, but many other cities. One of them is Bergen which is located on the Bergens halvoyen peninsula and is surrounded with the Seven Mountains. That means the city is true to nature and things around it. Despite being so far north, you will be surprised that the climate is pretty mild in winter and summers are nicely cool. If you are a rain lover at summer, be sure that in your staying there will be many rainfalls. It can be even greater with the loved one. She will never forget if you would ask her to dance with you at, for example, Tromso Mountain. It was also a great view to the city giving romantic atmosphere. Mostyl in the summers you enjoy such natural phenomenon as the Midnight sun when the sun never sets. It is characteristic of the Arctic Circle same as the northern lights when the sky colors in many different lively shades. For some peaceful drinks we advice to go to Altonas Vinbar which offers a great section of vines. You can feel the powerful atmosphere of the oldest Bergen’s tavern. It has known to be located there since 17th. For beer and sport lovers the most popular place is Fotballpuben which gathers a lot of men who really enjoys watching some football game on TV and drink. We advice get to know the feeling of men having fun if you still somehow haven’t done that. It is also a great place where to get to know more about the city life, events and rumors. If you are more attractive person and want to feel the city fully, we advise you to get a delight from wild night time. Rick’s Café og Salonger is a great place where a bar, disco place and live music is put all together in one place. You don’t need to walk to some other place when you don’t like some music. There is a lot of free space with much different music in different spots of the area. For even more delightful atmosphere you can go to some of the strip clubs. Dreams Showbar offer many professional dancers with sexy performances. They mostly do stage show, but if your desires have a need for more intimate atmosphere, they can do also for some more extra money private. Every man likes lapdance. Sometimes the females are even naked performing it, but mostly half-naked. It makes the dancing around the sitting person more enjoyable. Who wouldn’t like a hot babe in your lap squabbling her body against yours? It is really sensual and every man has a right to feel female’s sexuality even if he can’t get her. Bergen has really breathtaking nature and also vivid nightlife. What and which who to do is up to you – you can enjoy an Oslo escort girls or strippers company or climb to some mountain.