Poland  - Warsaw

The Poland capital city Warsaw has many great places, but almost all of them have impacted the World War II. It is called also the ‘’phoenix city’’ because of many damages and rebuilding after bombing. Despite that after the war ended around 80% buildings have destroyed, there still is seen a few fortifications and other military objects. Despite the bloody and tragic past, now this city is growing and its beautiful seasons (the most spring and autumn) attracts more and more tourists.If you are an architect or simply really interested in everything which represents it, going to this Polish city would be like a cherry pie for you. Even if you can determine in which style the building is, the most interesting things is behind that that’s why you need some knowledgeable person to tell more about these things. We advise you to book some Warsaw escort girl. They are intelligent and beautiful as well. Their job consists of making the men feel delighted and interested in many things. As they from place to place they know a lot about this city and can tell many interesting stories. The most beautiful pieces of gothic architecture are found in many churches around the whole city and fortifications.If you are a beer lover, as most of the men are, the escort guide can show you the best and cheapest places to get them. In the center you can find a small beer brewery called Bierhalle. The best regional bottled beers can be found at Male Piwo which nowadays is the most popular to the tourists and also pretty pleasant to locals.For entertainment of thee night there are even more things to see and enjoy. Young, wild and sexy things are found in the bar Kafefajka. There you can found belly dancers and many other entertaining things. In Libido Gentlemen’s club you can find strippers. After enjoying watching them, you can go with your hot lady which from the city-shower has transformed to the delight bringer to one of the basement where can find more intimate atmosphere.To see the polish city from above you can easily go to the Marriott’s Panorama bar which is located on the 40th floor. Staying there will cost much more, but isn’t it the time to live the life fully when you get that chance? If you have got a vocation or few free days, you need to get as much as you can out of them and with some professional and seductive companion it is the right thing to do. If you got a woman with you need to allow her to show all things she can. You won’t be disappointed, because this kind of women understands what men needs and that is normal natural thing.Warsaw is a great city to be explored in the centre of Europe, see how the city is recovering from the war consequences and partying. Let some sexy escort in Warsaw show you around. Deluxe-dubai.me is for love and adult massage fun. Abu Dhabi Escorts for private parties and incall service.