At Istanbul Uludag National Park with an Escort

For me as a winter lover getting on the business trip at the February it seemed only a natural way to go to Uludag National Park. Only problem what that I knew that people I know wouldn’t go to this place as they liked more serious places and the ones where can see his level people like in Akbank Culture and Arts Centre, Karga and other places where they can be their own or also get some girls. I was pretty sky and that was a problem for me to get some girl even if I wanted to have time just for one night stand. Not every woman was ready to have unforgettable time in someone’s bed as they didn’t know this person. Woman likeses to know people they want to get closer, but this Istanbul escort girl wasn’t such accurate or religious. As this county had pretty large impact from the Islamic religion, it was only natural that I wanted some more passionate and wild experience in the unknown place despite that it was winter already.

The 69 Dubai escort girl I choose was really great looking as I even got more or less satisfied just looking at her naked pictures at the advertisement. From the first side I had some doubts if she would be ready to try skiing or other things at the mountain, but when I got to see her getting in the special inventor, I knew that this hot babe is more possible than it could be seen from the first side. She was really good in doing down the slope. Along the Uludacg National Park were various kinds of people from different level of ability to do winter sports. The snow was a great thing that needed to be enjoyed. Despite I wasn’t from any Turkish county, also in my living place didn’t had so much snow so spending time at by business trip on the mountain was really a great entertainment. Only problem was that still despite having the corresponding clothes, we still after some time got cold and it was time to get to some more pleasant for us place.

There was thought to get to some café and have some tea, but being with this hot escort girl it was only natural want to have a greater time at some private room. We choose one room from the winter sports resort that was wooden and looked pretty good to have some natural time. We moved towards the bed and it was becoming more pleasant as I could touch the Istanbul escort chick as close I needed. I undressed her and finally saw her naked body in the real life. That made even more natural feeling to have some careless fuck. She gave me a few kisses and stared to draw attention to my cock. Not many females dared to touch it as they though that it was too naughty. This female wasn’t afraid of giving herself all and touches different pieces of my body in more pleasant time.