At the Uzunya Beach Club in Istanbul with an Escort

Before telling my story I must say why I am different than many men. I am a fisherman and the sea is my enthusiasm and love, but at the other hand I am still a man. I wanted to share a story about my holiday fling with an  companion girl. I haven’t had stable relationships with women since I become a seaman. The last one went away, because she started to hate the smell of fishes every day. There was my fault that I brought too much naval, but what could I do if it was what I could get out from the ocean and there were always some leftovers. I wanted to feel the woman around me again and feel desirable so I booked some Turkish escort in Istanbul. Of course I told her what my occupation is and she said that it won’t be a problem.

Before meeting I showered much harder, but this thing is like getting into you and stays with you. I met her at the entrance of the Uzunya Beach Club which was the most popular place for fishermen. There was a lot of fresh sea meal every day. I was happy that it wasn't summer anymore and the people there were less. We sit and eat. She wanted to know more about my work, because she never been with a sailor. I was proud that this hot woman called me that, because it was more experienced and having more entertaining job like me. Later she suggested me to try some other kind of meat. It was a bit surprise for me when she ordered some meat and I needed to guess what it was. I hadn't eat chicken since god knows when and it was hard to tell to me. She laughed, because she taught that it would be a thing that I definitely needed to remember. It was tasty though.

Everything felt so natural and I was glad to be in woman’s company. Later we headed to the beach. There were some free parasols and we took them. When she asked me to out on her a sun lotion, it was like a dream. Toughing to the sexy woman’s body erected me. She kissed me, turned and put her hands around. It was a lovely forgotten feeling reviving. I lifted her up and run towards the sea. The waves turned up around us. She liked that. The water was warm same as her skin. We went deeper and I was brave enough to pull her beach bra a bit down. Kissing her breasts was like the best catch I could get out of water. Now I feel more confident that someday I will find a escort in Istanbul who would like to be with me. I don’t think that she could pretended all the time if I seemed so awful and smelly to her. You can't buy love for money, but you can buy an entertainment.