Enjoying Time at Istanbul Kilayos with a Great Escort

Summer was time for the holidays and as it is known; many times there are happening some crazy ideas which make the best memories. One of those days that definitely remained in my memory was with an extraordinary female that I won’t see again. I decided to spend evening and some passionate night with a hot Istanbul escort girl at the Kilayos beach which was the most popular one and also the greatest places where to enjoy the nature and escape from all the biggest traffic which was usually in high level in this Turkish city.

The chick I selected was dropped out of the car and I could see her already being different from other girls. She was wearing tight shorts and blouse which looked rather European and I liked to see more passionate woman than some religious Islamic woman which whom I really would be bored at the beach. The water and also outlook at the Black Sea was totally amazing. I was fully ready to enjoy the evening fully. There were some pedaloes and other water transports moving at the front of our eyes, but I still was satisfied with seeing such great female and drinking some drinks at the Kilayos resort. Everything seemed so nicely calm and great that I was really moved not only to enjoy Istanbul beach great sands and water which can also be enjoyed with different people, but still that wouldn’t be as great as with this 69 Dubai escort girl who was open to different questions and supplied with pretty large amount of information. We also together made some sand castle which made me feel even younger. The evening lights were creating pretty moving feeling wanting to get more private and enjoy the lovely time without any unneeded people all around.

To do that we choose some small hotel near the Kilyos shore and actually we were pretty lucky to get some free room in such an active time of the season. Everyone who was staying at Istanbul definitely was looking for a staying place closer to water. As we got in the room, it was time to enjoy this place much closer. Our bodies stopped at each other and raised almost immediate feeling to tear the clothes apart and get more vivid satisfied emotions in no time. I liked the ability to fuck people without any unneeded problems. If she wouldn’t cost as much, I would have spent another night with her as her professional adult services made me and my man needs feel special. There is nothing that could go wrong and that kept me going as I was able to fuck her hard against not only bed, but also wall. She liked to be lighted up and jumping likes some dancer. Her arms and legs around me created tenuous and great feeling. Great escort girl in Istanbul beach was great and in more private place she made everything seem even greater. It was a great and delightful day that I will remember.