Enjoying Unforgettable Galata Tower with an Escort

Firstly, I can say that I never had been the right boy and want the religious stuff in Istanbul was totally not for me here. I was always ready to try different new things and one of them was to enjoy time with some elite Dubai escort girl. My friends had said that these girls can make each day seem whole different from others. So I picked appealing place which was Galata Tower and included also some nightclub as well as restaurant, cabaret and other places which would make something to do all the time. A girl I seleted from the a Turkish Istanbul escort agency was looking great in her half naked underwear and I knew that in real life she will look even more stunning and without shyness to show what she got to offer to a man this gorgeous woman doesn’t know at att.

A black car dropped her out at the entrance of the Galata Kulesi and I already knew that she was the real thing as she definitely stud out from some local women who liked to dress in tunics and other local clothes that didn’t seem sexy to me. We went to one of the last floors where was possibility to get some fascinating views towards the nightly city was really great. We could even see the Prices Islands and some typical monuments, mosques that made a great feeling about living here. Later we went down to the nightclub which had pretty moving rhythms. After some few drinks and showing our experiences with different people it was time to forget about anything else and enjoy careless dancing. Feeling such great escort girl beside me was really sensual. She was also a great dancer that I really enjoyed. This hot babe wasn’t afraid to touch me in different places and keep me entertained all the time despite that there were also many different women. Her high heels didn’t made her loose a balanc so I was feeling safe with her and without need to watch if she won’t fall. I was ready to fall on her and that was what I whispered in her ear and she smiled and said that it was about time to make me feel even more special.

We left the Galata Tower and went to my apartment which wasn’t much away. On the way there were already was some naughty talks about things we could do. I knew that she would like to be tied on the bed so I was ready to explore new opportunities that can be done if female is fully yours. I got actually some hard rag that was better way to tie this hot Istanbul escort chick to my bed. She allowed also undressing her and putting down her bra and small panties made me make things faster to get deep inside of her.
With a Turkish escort girl I had unforgettable time at the 62 m high tower, but my experiences in bed with her totally blow everything else away.