Exploring Istanbul Spice Market and an Escort

For me as a tourist it was only a natural need to explore places where to buy some special handicrafts and some other stuff. One of the biggest places where to get different Turkish handicrafts. As I didn’t want to get lost there or feel that way, I needed to get some companion. As I didn’t know anyone from this great Turkish city and I didn’t had so much time to get to know some woman who would be able to be like my guide through various seller offered things. Somehow I found a great Dubai escort girl for myself and we agreed to meet at some place where later to get into buzz of people. Facing the Golden Horn this T-shaped marked created really impressive outlook.

The Istanbul escort babe which I selected at the adult advertisement was looking much greater in the real life and I was pretty great feeling to know that not only with her help I won’t be lost, but also I could see her great body moving in front of me and for some additional money to get greater professional services. The hot escort girl priced me that I choose go to this particular Spice Market as there almost to anything the prices were lower than in Grand Bazaar. There I got introduced to different Turkish foods, also caviar, some Turkish delight. Interesting was to buy different kinds of dried fruits, but I already knew that they with beer would taste much greater than some fishes. People really were into trading and getting new things. i liked to see my special girl trying her best to bet even cheaper things I wanted. Without her there would be even big problems with communication as for Turks English was hard to get in good level. I also got the Blue Eye or in local language called “Nazar Boncugu” in some talisman which seemed like really illustrating peace of this county as this eye was found on different products. I also got woolen kilims that now looks great in my apartment as a fresh memory of Istanbul extraordinary culture.

After getting even more things that I could possibly want from the Spice Market, it was finally time to get more private and that was what we did at my place at shore of the Bosphorus - Çirag˘an Palace Kempinski. It was good feeling to have such girl beside you and knowing that others are jealous. Some time I even wanted to yell at them that I’m going to fuck her and she will like it. Watching her clothes falling on the floor and naked body exposed made me really agitated so I undressed myself and later let this hot Turkish escort chick to give me the best blowjob I had ever had. Later as I went deep inseide of her everything seemed more and more delightful. Shopping in Istanbul market was great, but what we did in private space was much greater.