Exploring Wonderful Istanbul Beaches with an Escort

It isn’t a secret that Istanbul is popular with t great beaches along the Turkish shore. It was only natural that I also decided to get entertainment there, but it was different from other times as I decided to book some hot chick that would make the free and sunny time even more delightful. There were many advertisements, but somehow I decided to fall for stunning looking brunette who was really tall and with great breasts which definitely would look also great in swimming suit. As the most popular of beaches Kilyos was about 30 minute drive from the Istanbul centre, I choose to say that we should meet at the place. For me it would mean sawing some money.

At the Kilyos beach were a lot of people doing different stuff. Many were trying watersports and making some things from the sand, but my eyes were more searching for the chick near the agreed place where the car would drop her out. From the first side it wouldn’t seem normal that I decide to go to a beach with an indpendent Dubai escort, but I can tell that despite that she was really sexy and great looking, not many could even think that she was working like a professional entertainer. My selected brunette was dressed in short skirts and small t-skirt still keeping the feeling of high quality. As I wanted to lie down and enjoy her offered massage, we went searching for a free place. When her arms started to use some oils on my back and with different moves that created warm feeling, I thought that I could do much more in a public place with her as I didn’t thought about anything else. I was happy also about knowing that she was wearing also swimming suit as we could also go swimming together and feel pleasant about getting wet.

As the evening approached to the end, we needed to get more private place where I could get more tenuous treatment from this wonderful Istanbul woman. She was fully ready to find some free room at small resort and as we did I was fully satisfied about doing such naughty things with a woman that I actually didn’t know. It felt great to feel these hot ladies big breasts close to me as well as her arms working with my cock that made it fully agitated pretty fast. She said that it was time for me to show what my weapon could do. That made me feel wilder and I grabbed her ass, lifted up, throw in the bed and ripped her clothes apart. I didn’t even thought about whether they were useful for the next day. I ducked the Turkish Istanbul escort girl as hard as I could. Doing that with the power and desire made me feel really strong. Her gasping and grabbing the sheets made also me feel tenuous about having a great time with especially this woman. Istanbul beaches are great, but escort chicks make even better time.