Going to Istanbul Grand Bazaar with an Escort

For me Istanbul seemed a big and complicated Turkish city, but I wanted get something memorable from it, so I needed some tour guide to show me around. The official ones usually have their own tracks, so I choose to book an Secret Touch Istanbul escort girl, because I knew that some of them are especially trained to entertain tourists to various places also giving interesting information about them. As one of the last days in the city I choose to go to the Grand Bazaar to buy some things, but I knew that there are a lot of shops and walking through them will be complicated so I booked this girl to help me find the things and also to speak with the traders.

Somewhere I read that there were over 4000 different shops and services and that scared me, but when I agreed with the hot girl for also some of her special services, I didn’t knew how it will happen, because we were going to a really public place. There were almost 60 different streets full of them so I was surprised how well this girl showed me needed shops. I wanted a Turkish style carpets and she found a place where there were many hundreds of them. She even got cheaper price, I just don’t know what exactly she said. Also I got many different souvenirs from different shops to give to friends and keep to myself. It was great to see how much people can create with hands. After a big walking and bags all over the place, we found some angle with a space where were just one entrance with some pipes at the end and the tunnel was so long that people passing by couldn’t see what is at the end of if so we could say that we were fully alone.

I could smell her perfume more vivid and could understand that they weren’t cheap ones and I really like how she smelled. She let me touch her under the clothes and started to give me some passionate kisses. This sexy Dubai escort chick was really good at it. Her skin was dark and soft, and when her fingers touched mine I got that tingling sensation all around my body making me agitated and wanting for some more. I was ready to go further have some close contact and she had nothing against it. It was crazy to have sex in such public Istanbul place, but that made the best adrenalin. It was dirty, naught, but not loud enough that someone could hear us. It was great tenuous feeling that nothing can go wrong and we have this moment and I enjoyed every gorgeous woman’s moves. Her hotness and ability to give herself fully made the biggest delight I had ever felt in my life. Going shopping with an escort girl was amazing experience that was fully worth it. This female turned it into a great adventure and also valuable lessons.