In Istanbul Bath with an Sexy Girl

Every one of us has deepest desires that we are afraid to tell to someone, because we think that other people wouldn’t understand us. One of my desires was that I wanted to get crazy love in a bath with elite Istanbul escorts girl. I was too shy person to ask to some sexy woman I went out with. One day I was just sitting at my computer and there appeared an advisement which told that there are busty women who can full fill your wildest erotic dreams. She gave me an idea for a Jacuzzi. It didn’t sound as great as the simple Turkish baths, but I was ready to try something new and modern. We met at the Blue Mosque. The evening and view of the city was as always amazing, but not that took my breath away, but her. Of course I had seen her photos, but in real life she looked like just stepped out from a fashion magazine. The clothes highlighted her sexy body shape. I had booked the Bekdas Hotel. It was cheap and not far from the centre. We had a light meal and then I suggested continuing to drink wine in a Jacuzzi. Actually it wasn’t surprising to me that she didn’t have a suit with her. She just throws all her clothes down near the bath. The water was warm and murmuring.

There were many scents all around. Turkish bayan escort hair was like in flames. I adored that hair colour. The wine gaved even more private and hot feeling. I wanted her so badly at that moment. She was pressed against the edge of Jacuzzi so I thought it would be an interesting idea to put her legs on my shoulders.  Her legs tightened around my neck. With time I felt how great this woman’s muscles were tightening. Her arms were against my arms. I was about to cum and she started to scream from delight. I went faster and then collapsed on against her. The feeling of water and passion was totally amazing. My sperm run down her stomach mixing with the water. Her hair and eyes was in a fire of delight. I kissed her hard tits. When she gets out of bubble bath I watched her every step. Her ass cheeks were thigh and lovely. She helped to dry myself. As the towel reached my cock, I felt it rising again. She worked forward and backward with her hand in a towel. It was turning me wild again. She laid the towel on the floor and I went down on her. We were moving much faster and the euphoria was much closer than we thought. She was on the top and moaned. I grab her breasts and after a while she fell down on me. Her orgasm contractions gave more ecstatic feeling. It was a great feeling of the desire coming true. I wasn’t thinking about slipping, it felt safe and the right place to fuck someone. The Secret Touch escort girls are totally worth it.