Istanbul Galata Tower and Food with an Escort

Galata Tower had been one of the top things that should be explored when visiting this great Turkish city near the Black Sea. For me this was place where I get the taste of the whole city and a bit of wild nightlife. To not feel alone or misunderstood, I choose to have a great time with a local Dubai escort girl found at the advertisement. I knew that she won’t leave me and I could feel natural beside her. She was really great looking and enjoying time at any place with her definitely great.

We agreed to meet near the Galata Tower as it was easier for her agent to drop her out there. I knew that after a few minutes he will call her back and ask if everything is going well so I wasn’t afraid that something will be going wrong as none would be thinking about how to behave and just want to get to bed. We moved to one ot he top floors where was special balcony. It was the greatest view towards the city what I had seen. There were many monuments, mosques, as well could see the big Princes Islands. This all made me feeling like I really know Istanbul much better. The chick also showed with her finger various places which I should visit if I hadn’t some of them weren’t on the top list for tourists to visit, but I knew that it was going to be great as this woman really knew that she was talking about.
After enjoying the stunning evening look on the Istanbul, we moved indoors to the restaurant where she showed me also some local food like iskembe which was a thick soup with mutton tripe and later we moved to kofte. It looked like having variety of different igredients. The sexy lady explained me that despite that it basically was a meat dish there was variety of cutlets, rice, eggs, herbs and over it naturally some typical Turkish spices. Everything tasted good and I was happy to get some advices from a great looking woman who knew more about the local things than the internet.

I was really enjoying the time, but as it already was becoming late, it was finally time to get to my Four Seasons hotel and have some another delighted time. After such a variety of food I had the strength to make some more active things with such great looking Istanbul chick. As my doors closed, I already felt some tenuous arms around me which started to undress me. I started to do the same and couldn’t believe that such great looking body was in front of me. It was a great feeling to see that woman really want me despite being an elite Istanbul escort. I put her down on the bed and started to work to make each other agitated. I was really enjoying such a passionate woman in my hotel. Every man needs such delight time to time.