Istanbul Passion with an Escort

All my life I have lived in small Turkey city Amasya. It was nice, but I wanted to get some erotic fun. There was no nightlife or strip clubs, but I wanted something from the life in big city. I was a man with simply needs to explore what different pleasures money can bring. I won’t deny that I needed a adult woman also to guide through the city. I could easily get lost in the Grand Bazaar and other places, because I’m not used to such big people mass. I picked up online from Secret Touch on lady who in real life wouldn’t go out with a man like me. She not only had big boobs, but also knew a few languages - Russian, Arabic and Turkish . That meant that she was quite smart and sexy Istanbul escort lady. I found most gorgeous lady.  

We agreed to meet in the Çiçek Pasajı wine house. It was a wonderful place. It was surprisingly easy to talk to her. Later she showed me Nişantaşı and Bebek neighborhoods. It was full of pubs and other nightclubs but no strip clubs. Life music was in the air. Also the guides scent was in the air. I couldn’t determine what kind of mark her perfume was, but it definitely wasn’t the cheep one. We danced so I got her closer to me. I could feel her sexy body and things which were hidden behind the clothes. Her decollete was pretty big, but I wanted to get there as close I could. It was deep night when we finally went inside some pub. I was horny for sex and already wanted to pay more just to start right away. She suddenly kissed me with her full lips and pressed my hand against her breasts.
They were seductively soft. She took off my shorts and went on my cock which was already starting to get hard. I went into ecstasy and felt like I will soon finish, but she didn’t stop. I grabbed her head and gave faster rhythm. She was chocking with my sperm, but didn’t say anything. I wandered how difficult now would be to get things working again, but the escort said that I can just lie in the bed and enjoy the view. She kissed my body and pressed her breasts against my body and with other working with my cock. Female’s arms were attentively polite. I felt ready and turned her upside down. Her body was so hot, that I forget about everything else. It was just as and passionate sex. We went one and one. Music was replaced with our relish shouts. I asked if it would be o.k., if I finished inside her. She said yes so I filled her fully. She smiled and told how good it was. It gave me more confidence that I can lead a female to such a delight. After a while I moved to Istanbul and found a new job. Sometimes I still meet this escort woman in Taksim area who changed my life for the best. You got one life and it needs to have passion and enjoyment in it.