Istanbul Topikapi Palace and Hotel with an Escort

It was known almost to everyone that one of the most known places in Istanbul is Topikapi Palace that made also me want to explore this place. There were naturally some guided tours, but I wanted this trip there to be more special so I booked other kind of professional girl that made me fully satisfied about how the things were going. She was a natural blonde Dubai escort chick that didn’t looked Turkish as I selected the one who seemed more appealing to me. It was also known that typical Turkish ladies are shyer and despite that she was an extraordinary girl, I wanted to rely on checked values. I knew that there also won’t be any language problems and I could get more information in more interesting way. We agreed about the tiem and some other services as I definitely wanted to feel many things that this hot woman can offer.

The Topkapi Palace or locally called Topkapi Sarayi still had the impression how it was when it was standing in times of the Constantinople back in 1450s. The Ottoman Empire was really a great civilization and exploring remains of that time made moved feeling. There were also remains of Chinese ceramics, some manuscripts, ceremonial robes and the golden throne of Murat III. It was really interesting place with also great gardens, courtyards. We got to get more private place there as we could also talk about different things. I was satisfied with hearing that even this great looking babe knows about this place’s history pretty much in more interesting way than the boring tour guide. There was also some Haghia Eirene Museum near the Imperial Gate which caped even more interesting things from other times. I also got to know that there was happening usually some International Istanbul music festival. Sadly, this wasn’t the time for it so we had to think about different activities and as it already was evening, it was the right time to leave the Istanbul Topkapi Palace and get more pleasant in my Four Seasons hotel.

When we got to the place needed it already was pretty dark so things that happened behind my rented room doors felt right. The hot blonde Istanbul escort lady said that I should just sit and enjoy the view and so I did. She started to move seductively in front of me. It was the best private strip I had ever seen. Later she started to work on me and as also my clothes fell on the floor, it was time that I could also raise my arms and explore those great breasts. They were huge and as I got inside of this hot babe, I could always see them in front of me. She was tenuous and helped me with different poses. The best I liked when she was on me and I had almost nothing to do, just enjoy the jumping breasts and feel really delighted. A hot escort girl in hotel was greater than the whole castle.