Relaxing at beach with sexy chick

All people who I know being at Istanbul says that is a place that need to be enjoyed. Only thing I was afraid was that I won’t understand anything, because I don’t know the language. I didn’t want to think about that so I choose an easy exit room it which was to book an VIP Istanbul escorts babe. Later on I understood that I could have been sitting at some of the Turkish beaches, and don’t even noticing about the language, but the female was booked and there was no way back. Actually I still desired to have some enjoyment on the beach and what could be better than do it with a sexy woman? That was when my man’s thinking evoked. It is really cheaper than to stay at some luxury hotel with a private beach so I choose True Blue beach. Of course there were a lot of people, but the only one which affected my view was naturally the sexy bob I booked myself. She looked even greater than in photos in which she was like a super star. Her hair looked like done by a professional hair stylist, her skin was really shinny and she didn't looked Turkish too much. That was what I liked. 

First we headed to the Bar for some cocktails. She choose Malibu cocktail and it was good for me too. She asked about my city and told about hers. I was even gladder for my choice. It seemed a great start of vocation. Later we headed to the swimming pool where less people were. When the stunning body proprietress take off her skirt, I saw how much greater her body was. It was just perfect, but she told that my body looked also great and asked if I do some sport. Actually I used to go to the sport hall. I was surprised when she actually jumped into the pool. It was really cool. I wasn't afraid to get myself colder to her, but this bayan escort was the first who started to get more personal. I must admit that she is a great kisser and that was what we did for pretty long time. Somehow I even managed to squeeze her breast. I don’t know if it was seen to other people, but later I didn't even care. So come the evening and we decided finally go to the beach. The sunset was amazing. We kissed again and talked about life. She was really intelligent and funny at the same time. I played with my fingers on her skin running up and down. It was interesting game, but of course more I liked to feel her arms and fingers on my body. I spend a couple more days at Istanbul, but the first day was the greatest one. I never got so relaxed and satisfied as with the escort girl. I will definitely repeat this kind of enjoyment.