Sexy Shopping and Bath with an sexy babe in Istanbul

Shopping always has been an interesting activity despite I am a man. I find it really great to buy some stuff from other countries. I was a tourist in big Turkish city so I needed also a companion. For me as a man there wads a desire to have an adult distinguished enjoyment. I booked some sexy and still local looking for Istanbul escort ladies. She wanted to go straight to my hotel, but I wanted to explore the shops. She was wearing some kind of long clothe with seemed like a cover from the bed, but still kind of nice. My mind wondered if she has a bra on or not. I found some nice Turkish handmade textures and some souvenirs. My sexy companion talked to the sellers and dropped the price by just being nice and a bit flirty. I bought also some self-made soaps which smelled like a sea with some flowers in it. I proposed if the woman would like to try this soap at the hotel. She didn’t seem surprised as me I about my question. I bought some more bath things. When I gave her some things to hold, her hand deliberately touched my shorts. It was just for a second, but already my cock waked from a deep sleep. Even before reaching the final destination, our talks begin dirty. She talked in which poses it was better sex in the bath. I confessed that I don’t have such experience, but the companion told that it is not a problem.

I had doubts, but when the babe was standing naked in the hotel bathroom, everything seemed just perfect. We put in the water some nice smelling soap ball. We were in a playful mood. I put too much soapy things and the bath was full of foam. When we went in it, the water was almost not seen. She helped my dick to find the way into her pussy.  The floating water noise changed to our delighted sobs and moans. The bubbles and foams from the soaps were all over the place. In her brown hair they looked sensual and erotic. We were wet and wanting for enjoyment. She reached her orgasm and grabbed my back. It was a great feeling and I couldn’t resist finishing inside of her. Secret Touch escort girl wanted for more, so I did it with a pleasure. I didn’t think f it was right to have an unprotected sex, because at that time it didn’t seem dangerous. This wonderful companion didn’t seem like having some venereal diseases. I didn’t know that having sex in the place where people mostly clean themselves can be so much fun and full of passion. Later we helped to dry our bodies in the towels. I felt that woman’s breast nipples were still hard and that was nice feeling. Shopping in Istanbul with the right person can be really amazing and more amazing when you know how to put in action brought things.