Vivid Istanbul Nightlife with an Escort

I have always been a party creature so doing crazy things wasn’t anything new to me. One day I decided to book some same crazy woman who enjoys doing crazy things. Russian Istanbul escort babe was with really big boobs and blond hair color. About herself she wrote that she loves spending time in different crowded places where are different kind of music the best. So it was a perfect companion for my needs to get different careless entertainment.

We agreed to meet near the club and when I saw her I already knew that she was the girl I booked. She definitely stands out from other people, but not so much in vulgar way. Her skirt was long, but still sexy enough same as the blouse with a wide décolleté fully showing that she really is a female with treasures that I soon will be touching. I was sure for that. Firstly, we went into Dogzstar club where usually were hanging usually Istanbul younger crowd, but today was the night when I really was feeling vivid and the chick beside me was really crazy. We had some cocktails and went moving into the rhythm of DJs.

However, the best place we found late after midnight and it was called Club 29 where there were pretty big pool and sun terrace. Spending time there was great after wild dancing relaxing closer to the water. Somehow I accidentally fell with my companion in the water. Her clothes now were really tight to the body and I could see the nipples sticking out as the bra wasn’t upholstery one. There people were doing many different things and I definitely wasn’t ashamed to touch her as good as could. Her long legs around my body gave me agitated feeling as I felt that my cock was just a bit away from getting into the female’s wonderland. I really wanted to make it happen, but unprotected sex wasn’t just worth risking and in such a public place so we walked around all club and found some dirty, but good place for fucking. There were noise all around and all I had to do was adjust to them and make a wild moving inside and out. She was breathing hardly and making some noises probably too, but I didn’t care about them. There also could pass some people any time and notice what we were doing, but I was so agitated that I didn’t paid any attention to something else. The lights were changing colors same as we were changing poses. It was something crazy, passionate and really great part of nightlife. I hadn’t felt so powerful and allowed to do almost whatever I wanted for so long. The hot Secret Touch Dubai escort chick told me some great things about my ability to make delighted, that I can do it better and I did it as hard as I could. This was one of the craziest nights in Istanbul and I will be ready to try it again.