Walk to the Istanbul Old Part with an Escort

For me as the man with problems even to travel around the familiar places can be a problem, but doing it at the unfamiliar place could turn out as a big failure so I decided that I need a companion. The friend advised that there are some Turkish escort girls which are trained to be as guides. It was a great idea for me as being a single man for quite a long time. Of course I wanted to enjoy some more time with a woman, but when things get serious they want more and more time. My job doesn't give a lot of free time, so I need to enjoy every free times as much I can.

I booked a typical Turkish girl. She was simple and in my nature so was I. We went to see the old pat of Istanbul. I felt like there is a surprise in each corner. I even played a Tavla which is the ethnic Turkish boardgame. The woman told me a lot of things about the history and I really felt like I am together with the best tour guide I could ask. The sights of Hagia Sophia was really great, same as the the different colors and smells of the Grand Bazaar which was full of different products and people. Later we found some small cafe and drink some stronger drinks and she showed some typical Turkish meals. The sexy woman also surprised when took me to some small bystreet where were no people at all. So it happened that we kissed like two people who were thirsty for water in the desert. She started to undress me and I let her not thinking that we could bet cough. She gave me the best blow job that I could ask for. It was really passionate the way we worked around each other. Her body was like model ones.

I knew that the measures were standard, but I didn't though that it would affect anything. We were acting like we were like the only people at the Turkey. It was the greatest enjoyment I could dream from being with an unknown female person. Feeling her delighted moves of body made me wanting to fuck her again and again. We did it actually couple of times and there still wasn't any people coming. I felt pleasured and empty. The sensual tour guide told me how great it was and if I want to do it in some other place and time I just need to call and there will be also a discount. Being at the unknown city can bring a lot of fun and pleasure if you are not a alone there. You can easily find a companion. I gave my confidence that I will not miss the pleasures that a woman can give just because I have too much work and maybe remain single all my life. Being single is not bad if you know how to use it for you. Turkish Escorts in Istanbul