Winter Joy at the Istanbul Uludag National Park with an Escort

Turkey was a favorite destination during the summer months as there is variety of different beaches like the one at the Prices Islands, but I had some free time at the February so I needed to think about different activities there. As my friends also were with me, but they sometimes were too lazy to go somewhere, but I had the want to get more entertained, I was on the search for a perfect companion who would be always ready to have fun with me. The choice fell on some great looking Russian Istanbul escort girl who wrote that she likes other nationality people and trying new things. As in my mind was going to the Uludag National Park which at the winter months was a popular place where to try some winter sports, I knew that she won’t say no about having some more adrenalin moving down the mountain.

When I saw my picked woman, I could see how sexy she was even in the thick clothes. I was glad that she had thought about having the right clothes. The instructor gave some few advices about skiing, but as she already said that she was done that before, there weren’t any fear in me that this was not a good idea. Everything was white and I liked to sit with such a great woman at the ski lift and talk about different things before going down the slope. One time she even said that she would like to see me as fast doing her as I was going on my skis down the Uludag National Park track for beginners. We were really having fun at there and it wasn’t cold despite that it was already the evening it was a time to get more private place at the near resort hostel.

Getting the place which was whole different from the ordinary luxurious overnight places gave some more pleasant atmosphere. There was nothing that could go wrong so I was the first who touched the VIP Dubai escort girl that I booked. She let me much closer than I could even imagine. Her great kisses and the way she made me agitated was something I was really missing. My cock was already becoming hard and so we went straight to bed and I was able to get inside of her without much foreplay. Her delighted voices and moving was great. As she almost collapsed there I thought that it finally was the right time to do something on my own. I lifted her up and pushed against the wall. She said that I’m a really strong man and that is why I have the ability to fuck her hard. This hot Istanbul escort girl was creaming like a bitch and I liked that without even caring if everyone else heard us. You can get joy from Uludag National Park and much more if you have a great woman with you. I have no regrets about the way this day turned out.