It was a great way to see and feel the Abu Dhabi metropolis

From first side it could seem that the United Arab Emirates are not the best destination for tourism. I was also looking to it sceptically, but when I read about the Abu Dhabi metropolis my vision to it changed. After a while I also found a good offer from the Etihad Airways. I was ready to explore if closer because of its mixture of different things like desert and green places. By a curious coincidence the friend which who I wanted to travel there couldn’t make it. The tickets were already bought so I needed to go there alone. I needed a guide to show me around. Somewhere I had heard that there are Abu Dhabi Escort agencies which offer trained girls for erotic massage. It is much better than to listen with a bunch of other people the deep history of each place. My private tour started with Al Wathba Camel Race Track. It was really crazy. She talked just a bit about it and I enjoyed seeing it in the real life. Later we went to a really tall building which was called Capital Gate. The view from there was amazing and I was with an amazing Arabic woman. She kissed me and I felt like I could take her right away. I also the mud houses with palm-frond roofs. There was nothing much left, but my Russian escort lady still found to say some interesting things. This woman amazed me and it was hard for me to follow.

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