Remembering School times in Abu Dhabi with an Escort

In my work as a companion in Arabian countries I have cultivated my own style. I have noticed that Arabian men really like some breeze from the school uniforms even if in their school weren’t those. It was another day at my work. I got a message from a young man who wanted to have a night enjoyment with sexy Abu Dhabi escort girl. I understood that he would be the one that with time will go totally nuts about my uniform. So I put on long white socks, short blue skirts, and skin-thigh blouse. We agreed to meet at the Yacht Club at the evening. It seemed to me a really nice place for the start. He was really young I guess just around 25. Of course I myself at that time was only 23, but mostly I deal with older men. This was a pleasant occasion. The view from the club was amazing. We could see Abu Dhabi yacht marina fully. Also the music was popular and not too loud what we could easily talk. He told me his entire sad story about a high school girl which who he was together for almost 5 years. It amazed me that so young people could be together for so long. At the end it turned out that she left him just because he seemed to her too boring and the girl even mentioned that he has low fantasy in the bed. I know that if someone says that to a man it really damages his self confidence. I really wanted to help him and unbind all his silent erotic fantasies.

The best thing about the place we shared talk and wine was that it was part of the InterContinental Hotel. That meant that we didn’t have to go far away. So the man booked a lovely one room at the view to marina. We drunk a bit more and that I took an action by looking at him with my brown eyes as a guilty schoolgirl. The man asked if everything is all right, but just kissed him. He laid me back in his arms like I was some kind of dancer. I wanted to bring the best out of him so I lifted my leg showing him my white underpants. As he came closer, I felt more attractiveness to him. We were young and free and what the hell – we could do anything we wanted. I put his arm at my breast, he squeezed it gently. It was nice that I didn’t have to make him do the next move. He himself unbuttoned my blouse. I knew that he liked what he saw. As the broken men started to kiss my boy, I took the responsibility about his thing in pants. He went slowly inside of me, but there were many sensual poses so I didn't understood why his ex said that the young man from United Arab Emirates is bad in bed. Maybe I just bring the best out of him.