A Great Business Deal with Escort Woman

For me going to the UAE for a business meeting was a huge deal. I needed to make a good impression with potential investors. I knew that in women there is power, but the company’s secretaries weren’t changing as much as I wanted. So I choose this time to use a professional Dubai companion service. I had read that they are trained to be at the serious meetings making men’s turn their regulations into the client favour. I thought that there was nothing to lose and also it would save some money as I would go alone to the Arab city and then book some woman.

I booked some Arab chick that looked not typical to her nationality not to seem too suspicious. She also didn’t look like was just stepped from some fashion magazine, but good enough to be like a business woman. I didn’t tell her what to wear, but at the meeting time she appeared at a solid costume to which against I couldn’t say anything. She sat beside me and smiled. I was smiling too. Actually I felt more relaxed than it probably should have. Before the meeting I introduced my Singapore escort girl to my project and I was only guessing if she understood what it all was about, but when she started to speak with the Arabian investors, I was amazed. Everything went much better than I could imagine.
It was so good that I already knew that probably I would get a elevation. We needed to celebrate that. She suggested a nice restaurant called esc located on Sheikh Zayed road. The food was really good and the wine seemed to be an excellent selection of the finest they got. I didn’t cared about the cost, because it was worth. The woman was greatest business companion in a long time and I was surprised when she kissed me. It was not part of the deal, but we danced and kissed time to time. It was delightful. She was a really good dancer. I felt her gorgeous body shape and seductive perfume. I guess it was not close to cheap. We didn’t care that we were the only ones who danced even when the music ended. It was like being in whole other world in which only we both were and the nice feeling of good made deal.
The decision to use Dubai escort was the best which I had made for long time. Only thing I regretted was that I didn’t use it faster. There definitely would have been greater deals and who knows, maybe I would already been the assistant director. Now I am working to make things better. Actually I am looking forward and in another time I will express offer to some escort girl to become my professional secretary. I have no doubt that she will get along much better than the one which is now. To do that I need some more great deals and then my work will be much greater in many aspects.