At Dubai Jumeirah Beach with an hot girl

For me being a businessman meant working hard, but relax without looking on how much money is spend. This summer vocation I decided go to explore more different culture and city with different economic and politic situation. So my final decision fell on the United Arab Emirates. I read that many of the tourists as the final or one of the destinations choose UAE. Viewing the other people’s responses and marks to different its places, I choose to book a few days at the 5 star Habtoor Grand Beach resort and also some sensual Singapore escort company.

The place didn’t disappoint. Everything looked nice. The room was in Arabic style, the view outside the window had many green places like gardens. There also were various kinds of outdoor and indoor activities, but I was waiting for only one my activity. It was the booked girl, which looked more like American, but that was what I wanted. To get such kind of girl at the USA would me a lot more money. The woman I wanted to spend time with arrived at the perfect time so we without stoppage went down to the Jumeirah beach. The view of the sea and Dubai Marina were great, but greater was my company at the beach. She was wearing a striped blue t-skirt and white miniskirts. I offered her to play volleyball, surprisingly she agreed. There were couple more men at the playing place. They started to whistle. It made me feel proud and even happier to with such a gorgeous woman. The beach volleyball is a great game to see each ones figure. I watched secretly her breast swings as she moved and of course, the ass which seemed so firm and sexy. Of course, our team loosed the mach, but all this jumping, falling in the sands, hitting fives, hugging the sexy team mate were really worth. I felt really young and care-free.
The sun was really taking more power out of us so we needed to get some drink. Nearby there were bars, café and things like that. We sat at first we get by. I ordered a big ice-cream cocktail and enjoyed looking the escort woman girl’s big lips sucking the colourful substance with a straw. My mind imagined her mouth working around something else. That time I felt like a naughty school boy and I liked it. When she put down some more clothes to go swimming, my mind was already jumping from the happiness. Her body was like supermodels, only the boobs were much bigger. I must admit that for me it even was better. The Water was warm and so was my private models body. The Arabian Gulf made us feel delighted and covered from other people eyes. We went as deep as could and I could let my arms explore her body. Her arms were just around my neck and she kissed me. So there were two people’s heads standing in the water and going nuts. This woman really turned me on. It was the greatest deal I made this month. That is for sure.

After a while we went this time to an open nearby restaurant. It had the view to the same beach. She told about this different kind of culture and people. It didn’t seem to me that they are so religious and even less that she is. After some while we went back to my hotel room and there was nothing religious going on. The Arabian escort girls almost fell into my open arms. I couldn’t resist and started to let my fingers explore her body shapes. When I get t o the beasts, they seemed really big and the want to squeeze them for some time was really big. I felt the nipples getting harder and that turned me also on. She kissed my body and started to undress. When she went down to my pants it was like a ride in amusement park – first a bit scary how attentive the chick will be with a thing that is mostly not seen too many people, but then the feeling become sensual and I was feeling like a man in heaven. It was just by the help of cautious and soft hands. When I went down on her, she helped me to become different for some time. I must admit that it was the greatest fuck I ever got, usually only one which was raping me in the figurative meaning was my fucking job.