At the Beach with an sexy babe from UAE

It is know that the most tourists choice prefer pools and beaches, because they carry a different level of comfort from a natural forces like water. I am also the fan of this kind of enjoyment. I was trying to help myself to get involved into tying something new with an professional enjoyment maker. Somehow I dared to give the green light to have such a day at the Corniche beach. I booked a hot redhead that seemed good to have a good time. She seemed a really great female. Her body was athletic so she easily agreed to play the volleyball. I guess it is unnecessarily to tell that she was better even than the guys who seemed everyday burning her skin there to play this game. Her chop was really strong. I watched ther body moves, the best view was on her breasts. Everything seemed so nice and sexy like she was born wild and athletic. I was glad that the guy she was together with was me.

Later we went to the near café and looked upon the beach, talked. She was playing with her hair. I guess every man knows that if a Singapore Escort girls does that that means she wants to have sex or at least be touched. We changed the clothes and went into the water. The beautiful redhead tied her arms around me and together we made a few swirls in the water. I like how her hair was spinning. It was sexy. I must admit that naturally she turned me on. When she asked if I want to sneak and change together with her naturally I agreed. There weren’t a long line at the changing booth. That was the time I finally saw her almost naked. I turned to her and pushed towards the cabins walls.

She was excited and so was I. Luckily there wasn’t seen two leg disappearance as I lifted my sexy escort girls legs up. I got inside of her naturally and easy. She tied her legs and arms around me. I was on the move and everything felt so nice even the Arab Emirate’s hot air and the sun which was shining as the hell.  The real hotness was in my hands and I enjoyed as I could beginning with her breasts and ending deep in her wet pussy. I don’t know how much time did it take to me, but she and I were ready to cum pretty fast. On one hand, it wasn’t good, but form the other it was the right time not to get into some trouble for taking the changing room for too long. If someone asked me if I would go to the Dubai beach with an escort, I would definitely say that yes. It was a great experience and daring to overcome some public fear. Since then I use to have public sex and for now haven’t been caught. If you don’t risk, there won’t be gorgeous delight.