Dubai Indian Craziness on an Escort

Dubai has always been the coolest city. I moved there few years ago to get a better education. I needed money so I started to work in some Dubai escort agency. They taught me a lot of things that doesn’t school. I could please all men’s desires, talk with them whatever they wanted about, because we had course where told many different theme and also we could choose languages we wanted and could learn. One day my client was an Indian man in best of his years. He was really naughty and just a bit after walking at the Dubai’s creek he started to paw me. Of course I was naughty too, but even for me it was unpleasant when I am treated like some kind of whore. I told the man to slow down and just maybe sit, watch the boats go, let the sun go down. We walked inside some silent streets and then this older man pushed me into some really small side street. It was really dark there, but not completely. He lifted my skirts and grabbed my Singaporean escorts assSeemed like even the underwear wasn't a obstacle to him. I let my arms around him, because there was nothing else to do and I was afraid that I could fall. He lifted me up against the wall. The wall actually was really pleasantly cold. The next I felt was his cock trying to get inside my pussy which wasn't even a bit wet. It hurt, but he didn't stop. I tried to relax. When he finally gets inside of me I felt the real power of it. I guess it was the biggest cock I have ever been fucked. He is really brutal in some moments, but somehow I get amazed and even an orgasm. He doesn't stop and works like a tank, loading his weapon again and again. I fell hopelessly in his arms and tell that I can’t anymore. Seems like this Indian man doesn't understand what that means and continues even faster. I was feeling like I am going to explode. The waves of hot euphoria are in the air and I close my eyes. Then he stops. I was so happy thinking that that’s all and we will go separate ways, but actually he just takes me down, turn over and come into me from behind. I almost started to cry of pain. I was begging him to not do that, but he went crazy again and kissed me. That was nice and as I get more recalled, he used his chance and went deep inside. Finally his sperm falls down and hits the ground for the last time. He is gasping weak and delighted. I felt pleased that it is over, still admitting that there were parts that were really amazing. Older man still can be really powerful.