Dubai Night enjoyment with an Escort

Dubai is a great place for a hot sensual time. In my country there was a cold winter so one day sitting at the computer I was looking for a warmer place closer to the equator. From the United Arab Emirates countries this was the city which stands out with its big city status mixing the really old history and modern times. As a conscientious worker I wanted to try something much different. It was not a secret that in this Arab city there really lively and passionate nightlife. I also wanted to taste it same as this culture’s mentality fully. I easily found some Dubai escort service and it was like getting into the best woman’s choice place. They were so different, but all looked beautiful in some way. I picked some darker skin female with a curly hair and nice skinny legs. She looked like a party animal. We agreed to meet at my place, but I said that I want to go in the nightly streets and here maybe some wild loud music. As later will turn out, only wild thing was her and it was much better than I expected. We went not far from the place I staid to the part of the Traders Hotel. It was bar& pub called 88 Ultra Lounge. I remember that there were some special offers so we ordered pretty much various kinds of cocktails and other drinks. The more I drink, the more naughty thoughts were swimming in my head. I was feeling really dizzy must admit. I don’t remember to which club we went, but the atmosphere and lights were great. We moved in the rhythm of the modern music. Escorts sexy body was close to mine. We kissed many times, but each time this curly female kissed me was like bringing new emotions from the deep job suppressed part of mine. Her tongue moved like a professional circus animal at the Also her perfume made me wilder. I haven’t felt so delighted since I can’t even remember, but it was just the beginning.

When there begin to be less people we went back to the bar place. There was a big outdoor place where I wanted to sit and just look a bit more to my sexy companion. We drink this time some whine and I noticed a spark in her eyes. It seemed so lively and desirable. Naturally I looked also in the décolleté on which fell the curly dark hair. I started to imagine her boobs shape and size, later even all body. Next thing I remember we are kissing like two vacuum cleaners. Her breath was warm and tasted like a new fresh alcohol mixture. Somehow we reached my apartment and the next sound I hear is the door shutting down. Her skin was soft like a fresh baby. I tasted it was could. She took me to the bed and I clearly remember her standing in front of me all naked and smiling. The seductive woman made a few swirls around herself then touched her breasts. I didn’t keep myself for them and stuck to them like a kid wanting for milk. Boobs were really warm and soft and I pressed myself against them as thigh as could. The companion girl started to tell how much she wants to feel me inside of her. It turned me on and I transformed like an animal. At the next moment I was on her and spread her long legs. My fantasies run free and I kissed all her body and felt it moving from the pleasure. It made me totally erected and somehow I took off all my clothes faster than even I usually do. The gorgeous woman looked at me with her sparkling eyes. They looked to me as burning when I went deep inside of her. It was a warm delightful feeling. The Singapore escorts babe put her arms on my back and the feeling of them contracting from my moves and delight felt nice. However, it was nothing compared to what was happening at the more bottom part of the body. It was slippery and warm at the same time. My cock enjoyed it fully. The woman’s sobs re-echoed at the room and maybe also at the Dubai’s night, because as it later turned out the window as a bit open. It was a great experience in the unknown city. The escort services are a great for getting away from the daily thoughts and works.