Dubai Watersport love and Passion with an Escort

The tropical desert climate in Dubai has almost always kept a great background to have a great time near the water or at the best – at the beach at the Persian Gulf. One day searching the web I choose to try something different. There were some really hot looking girls who in real life wouldn’t even talk to me and there would be even less possibility that they would enjoy doing some watersports with me. An 69 Dubai escort was like a safe choice that she will go and try whatever I will choose. We talked and agreed on different things and I was more than pleasant with my choice.

The chick I choose was dressed in short skirts and some good looking blouse making it seem that she had really great style and knowing how to look in different places. I was sure that she can become really naughty as we would get more private place, but now it was time for more adrenalin though the sport activities. First we started with water skiing. With a help of instructor my hot escort girl wasn’t such bad and I could see that as she was really taking care of her body, she also could stand on the water. Started slow and then everything too much faster action. My mind was playing games how will be with her when things will get more private and we will fall in passion. I was sure that this kind of emotions through the feeling of two naked bodies will be mind-blowing.

Later we went just for a swim and seeing the hot Arabian escort girl in swimming suit was really great view to her sexy body. Also the nipple shape was good seen and so even simply entertaining in water seemed really hot to me. Later she helped me to dry myself in the towel.

Later we finally went to my apartment where we could enjoy some adult fun. She was really great into making me want her more and more. When her clothes fell on the ground, it was just a matter of minutes when we started to explore each other’s bodies. She was really warm and I was becoming even warmer and getting more pressure in my pants. The hot Dubai babe saw that and helped me to pull my pants down. My cock was already screaming for her attention and then the juicy babe gave me the best blowjob I could only ask for. It was amazing feeling to be allowed to cum wherever I want. Later we went to bed and the babe already made the first position which was the opportunity to go inside of her from the back. Her breasts hanging down looked even bigger and I liked to grab them. There was crazy desire and passion in the air and I enjoyed every part of it. Watersport at Dubai was great, but even greater was the things happening in more private place. That makes feel better.