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Her breasts were moving also ups and down really seductive way. I squeezed them. The nipples were already hard. Then she raised her legs from the ground and started to move with her thighs back and forth. I sucked her big boobs which were also moving like a two balls. She was moaning and I felt that the euphoria waves are really close. It was passionate warmth which raised stronger desires. As my waves of delight were set free I felt like a whole new pleased man. She let me I finish inside of her and I felt how my white juice runs dipping down from her. I kissed her a few more times and helped each other to dress. Her blouse was really too small for her gorgeous breasts. It had function on me wanting to take it off faster. It worked. As it later turned out this Singapore escort babe didn’t even lock my office door. Anyone could have come here anytime. It raised in me even more astonishing impression. She just walks out through the door like nothing happened. After a while I stood at the window and looked her disappearing in the UAE streets. It is cool than your friends made you surprises. I wouldn't dare to do something like this in my work time, but I must admit that this was really delightful experience and the best stress reliever before the business meeting. I guess it is unnecessarily to mention that meeting with some investors went better than expected.