Enjoying Al Maha Resort in Dubai with an Escort

I guess spending time with an escort has always been fun and to me it was a great memory to remember spending time with one at the Al Maha Resort in Dubai. I was just enjoying one of the biggest cities in the United Arab Emirates and naturally was that I also wanted to have some fun also at the place where I stayed, because I wasn’t living some nightlife every day.

This place also was charming as it was really high quality and nobody cared with whom you go there as long as you have paid. So when I put the sign at door that I don’t want to be disturbed, I was sure that none will bother us. Basically this place was pretty extraordinary as here was huge impact from the feeling of Arabian. These desert lands weren’t hard to imagine being travelled by some Normans on some camels. The nature there was amazing, but more amazing definitely was my best Dubai escort girl that I was ready to have really great time in this special resort. Every man would go crazy after being with such hot woman that is ready for everything. She also smelled really good. I liked that fresh and passionate smell. The chick started to dress out and I would see her dark body appearing in front of me like a snake. As we were in a resort, it was also great thought to enjoy some bath for doing some more intimate things. We had some bubbles and fun to find a right place. She was really close to me and I could enjoy her body shapes. This babe liked to be touched in different places and I didn’t have to keep the arms to myself. Her big eyes and great hear was everything that chilled my heart. Later I picked up her from the water and we helped to dry each other. Her breasts were really big and touching them in every way was awesome.

Later we went to bed and she was fully ready to devote all her attention to my dick. It was getting bigger already since it was revealed to her as I imagine her sensual lips and arms on it. There was such devotion to the blowjob this Arabian babe was giving me as never else I had experienced that. She spread her legs and I could enjoy her giving me few hugs and letting in as far as I wanted to go. We moved both really passionately and her pleasant moaning made me even more agitated and I almost lose my mind to her. This VIP escort in Dubai was really something amazing that I really would like to enjoy in Dubai. I was fully enjoying Al Maha Resort and definitely would like to do it again with the same gorgeous body and appearance in front of me. It was a perfect time that made me feel really special and pleasant about my whole life in this country and city.