Enjoying Dubai Rugby and Delight with an Escort

I was always interested in sports and going to an unknown Arabian country on a business trip when there is happening rugby sevens seemed a good event to go to. The only problem was that I couldn’t go there with my job partners as they were to serious people and fully into only business stuff, but I always had sport in my life which I enjoyed even more than females, because they usually left me. See the game in Dubai at the beginning of December was even more entertaining, because as this was considered pretty big event they even had built especially for this activity stadium on the Al Ain Road. Somehow when I was looking on the internet how to get there in much faster way I also found some jumping aid with a girl who is ready to divide the activities to make them more entertaining for each one. It seemed a great idea to book a professional Singapore escort girl who I can be sure that will enjoy watching rugby or at least pretend almost perfect that she enjoys it. She was looking pretty Arabic and still attractive. Her dark skin, hair and eyes seemed really appealing to me and I could only imagine how the things go when it gets more intimate with her.

I pick her up and as she was sitting in my car I was really amazed about her tall legs which in short skirts looked even more taller and I was wondering how she looked without them at all. Despite my pretty naughty fantasies, we talked more about sports and some other events. I was pleasantly surprised how much this girl knew about various things and that she was pretty well educated as there were enough things to talk about and I was never bored. When we reached the place and found seats I felt even that I would better to talk with her than watch the game. I knew that 2 teams will play less than 30 minutes and that meant that there would be really active game and maybe even hard to fallow all the happenings. I liked to see that the young girl that was beside me really enjoyed all the happening and even jelled on the team releasing her emotions. At the breaks we could get closer and when there was a longer pause I advised to go backstage as there were some ways to get there. Somehow we managed to get to some private dressing room where she gave a blow job that I won’t forget. Her lips and hands were working as doing some serious job. I lifted her up and went inside her against the lockers. Our bodies were hitting at each other and I could feel her big breast nipples getting hard. Those made me go crazy. Enjoying sport game with a hot escort made me feel like I was in high-school again. It was really a great delight.