Erotic Entertainment at the Harbour

For me as a seaman being near the sea is like an ecstasy to do things close to the water. Also in intimate things I just like to feel the water power all around. This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to try getting wild at the Dubai’s Creek. First step was to get some girl. It wasn't easy, because not anyone would like to do something like that at the public place never knowing when and what can appear. Also it took me time to ask some of them that. So the years passed and there still wasn't any woman who dared to do something like that. Therefore I found Dubai escort services. The hot female I choose said that she has done a lot of crazy things that I couldn't even imagine. It sounded like a perfect delight coming true. So we agreed to meet at the cafe close to the port. We ate some oysters, shrimps and other sea presents. I must admit that the blond woman looked intelligent also. Turned out that her granddad was a sailor and in her childhood there was a lot of fish. She didn't like to clean them, but the process becoming tasty was interesting. I was surprised that this gorgeous woman was telling about her seaman’s stories at the sea.

As the sun went down we slowly moved closer to the harbour belonging buildings. Surprisingly there weren’t any people. I curiously asked if she feel comfortable. She answered that it is okay and I started to pull her skirt up. Her ass cheeks were nice and soft. As I pulled down with another hand my underwear, the cock broke free. I uncapped her white bra. It released the hot Singapore escorts big tits. I wondered how it is to carry all this weigh. I guess that was the cost to have something that men admire and like to squeeze. Now all my thoughts were only about sex. Some light was shining at my back. That meant that some part of was seen form the embankment side. The wind started to blow faster, but we both were enjoying the place and action. It was amazing. The place and she was totally blowing my mind off. I lifted as high as could and she totally trusted me. I felt her fully going up and down, her breasts squabbling against mine. The hot chick was moaning, but I didn't let her go even when I heard people walking at the other side of the building. We were close to the highest level, so I thought that it was now or never. Being at the place that makes you feel the best gives the strongest impact of delight. There is no other place where I have enjoyed having sex with Asian escort, except that day. Maybe it will never happen again, but it still will be the greatest memory and biggest desire coming true for me as becoming a sealer.