Exploring Dubai Bastakiya Quarter with an Escort

It was only natural to want some people to show you around as you weren’t sure if this place would be to have a tour guide to show you around, but as it is known, also their services are pretty costly and many times they are talking too much and in boring way. So it was only natural that I was searching for some other kind of female that will show me some things. Using escort services didn’t seem anything bad as I knew that they have been trained to enjoy time with tourist and show them around. Dubai was pretty big place to explore so I picked one girl and said what kind of plan I have for the day. The whole day was interesting, but I will tell you more about the Bastakiya Quarter and things that happened after visiting it as it was much interesting.

The place was located along the Dubai Creek and also not far away from my hotel. It seemed only natural place to enjoy the charm of old Arab Emirate town. There were some remaining courtyard houses and my sexy private guide also told that some of them previously were also wind towers. It was really interesting time as I got the opportunity to not only know new things, but also enjoy time with a really hot woman. I was able to be like I’m and easily also stare at the big boobs and she just asked if I liked my I was seeing and naturally I liked. It was evening that I really didn’t feel like being in unknown place with an unknown, but sexy lady. She treated me like we were really good friends and it seemed only natural to go later to my luxurious Madinat Jumeirah hotel.

It was almost middle night when I finally was able to get more and more intimate with a great looking Dubai escort chick. She allowed me to undress her and start to lick her big breasts. Feeling her nipples getting hard was pretty satisfaction feeling that made my cock become harder and harder. There was desire to enjoy each other’s bodies fully and it felt so good that I was able to let my arms wonder at the sexy body wherever I wanted. It was also easy to get deep inside of the pussy as the young babe allowed me fully to enter her and gave also some passionate kisses. Just after some time she already was moaning from delight. Her sexy and long legs were a bit shacking. All that made me finish much faster with a long delightful scream. I put down my condom and felt fully delighted. She hugged me nicely and just after some time I was already to enter her and do the same. It felt like for me it will never be enough of her. Bastakiya Quarter is a nice part of Dubai, but things that happened after enjoying that place in bed were much more pleasant.