Founded Escort at Dubai Nightclub

It was Friday again. My friends were headed away from the big Arabian city on a trip. I couldn’t do that because of work. It mostly made me only problems, but now I didn’t cared about anything and just wanted to get drunk and have fun. I went to the nightclub called ‘’2Vegas’’. It had a big dance floor and the people were attractive. There was a mix of bunch different techno songs. Somehow I noticed that some girl was looking at me time to time and so was I. First thought was that such a girl would never dance with a guy like me. After a few moments the music turned to slow. I was thinking to go and sit on the bar and somewhere to not disturb the ones who were dancing together as a couple or just friendly people. I was surprised when a blond girl asked me to dance. I looked up and it was the same girl as before staring at me and me at her.

She told me that she noticed me as I was looking all the time at her. I didn't know that it was so observable. But still the beautiful girl didn’t wait for an answer and take to the dance floor. We danced so lovely and I really started to like this girl. Her arms were around my neck and mine were around her waist. Then the song changed and we started almost to fly around the dance floor. She was leading me. Her hair sinned as she turned, it was a great view I thought. Then somehow she was so close to me that I couldn't resist and kissed her. The young lady answered with even more passionate kiss. I asked her if she wants to go to some place quieter. She clearly had doubts in her mind, but this time I didn't waited to an answer, I took her and through the all people I lea her out of the Dubai’s crowded club. The air was pleasantly cod as a contrast to the hot club atmosphere.

I pushed the girl against the ‘’2Vegas’’ wall and lifted a bit up. Somehow my hands grabbed her nice firm ass. She didn't say anything to stop me so I continued. When I was already unzipping my pants, she finally started to speak. Her voice sounded even more womanly soft, but the thing she said totally blows me away from her. The girl I liked told me that she is working as a professional prostitute in Dubai and today she took simply just a night off to clear her mind. I felt so disappointed. She said that I am a nice guy and she feels sorry that things turned that way. No matter how much I liked this escort girl from the first blink of an eye I just wasn't that kind of man that could be with such a lady. Also clearly a woman like that lifestyle doesn’t include having a boyfriend.