Horse Racing Activity with an companion lady

Active sports have always been a big deal for me. I think that anyone man should be interested in some kind of sport, if not doing it than at least watching. Growing in the capital of the United Arab Emirates made me one of the fans of horse racing which is pretty popular here. I was getting old and wanted to have last fling if it could be described so. That is why I choose an Singapore escort service. I met my chosen girl at the entrance of the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club which is known as a home to this kind of sport in the capital city. She was wearing a black leather trousers and high heels. She definitely didn’t look Arabic. It actually was a nice change. There was no possibility to make a bet on some horse, but still it was frenzy.

So we sit side by side. She was really attractive and also knew something about racing. We exchanged information and emotions. It was already a late evening when I decided to go and explore the club facilities. There were many more animals. The escort girl went to one and stroked one black horse. It seemed such wild as she. Somehow my desires took the lead and I pushed her body against the stall wall. Her trousers were really slippery. Her ass was tightened in this thing and I wanted to set it free. My seductive race companion told that this kind of talking really turns on. We didn’t paid attention to the risk that other people could easier come any minute. It was just her, horses and my desires. We didn’t took all the clothes off, some were just lifted. Touching the feminine parts was much better than. The woman also was kissing in various ways. I hardly could get on so I just lifted her off the ground to gain more control, but she herself put my cock inside of her and started to move. I was surprised and delighted at the same time.

Who said that sexy where you don’t need do anything isn’t interesting? It is just a way more relaxing. To make her be more silent I still needed to keep her entertained with the kissing. We made into the wave of euphoria a few more times. The horses luckily weren’t becoming more jealous or af.aid that it could give a bad effect. I was also surprised that I could hold this sexy babe in my hands for such a long time, but must admit that she was also holding professionally. Even her high heels didn’t disturb. I felt like a young schoolboy getting late at some public place. It has always carried the most emotions and desires. The racing atmosphere is amazing thing to feel. That you are getting old doesn’t mean that you are disposed as useless in bed. The sexy escort girl I was with was the real wild horse. There is no age limit to drive on her.