In Dubai Planetarium with an Escort

To me as a man who has lived the whole life in Dubai and being typical Arabian, is know that Planetarium is the best place in the city where to have an enjoyment and night that not forget. You can only imagine what kind of things there happen. The most about this place I like that most of the time the entrance is free. Only at special evenings there are special prices and special guests. I like to go there at Sundays because there are drinks two for one price. It is also the busiest time in week there. Somehow I decided to go there with an Singapore escort and see what and how will happen. I could also take her to Planetarium at Tuesday when there is a ladies night, but at that day I can find some girl to dance and spend time with.

So I booked her for the whole night, but there was a problem, that the club doesn't work until the sunrise. That meant that I will need to take her to some other place, but for now I wasn’t thinking so much about that. I found some girl who has been a professional strip dancer. It sounded great to see how her moves are different from other women’s.  We met at the entrance. I already knew that after some minutes the worker form the escort agency will call to her and ask if everything is okay. It is good to know about services functioning to avoid any problems. We talked a bit about different places in Dubai. Turned out that she knows even more clubs and bars where I still haven’t been like Harvesters Pub, Hibiki, Ikandy ultralounge.

When we went inside the first thing that we went to was a bar. I liked that she was such a admired of beer. It cost me less and that we went dancing. She really turned like a professional and used me like a stick. She draws her hands through all my body. For the beginning it was from the side, but later when all people were jolly and didn't pay much attention also from the frond. I felt something rising in my pants and it wasn’t good. The sexy woman noticed that and asked if I want to go outside. First thought was that maybe she wants to smoke, but then I understood. It wasn't in the price but still I didn’t cared as long as she was up to what she was. We went just at the other side of the club and there were no people for a while. I quickly lifted her and undressed half of her. She kissed really passionate. So I was fucking her at the wall of a prestigious place. This kind of night enjoyment in Planetarium was a great and sensual. I even didn't pay the extra price for the last service. That is how it works in Dubai. Everyone sooner or later gets satisfied and money just makes it be faster.