Incredible ways how to relax with escort in shower

I was working in companion agency for some years and never get bored, because it was always new kind of people to meet. If I could turn back time I definitely would choose that same crazy passion wilderness. Of course there also were many kind of different night and day time adventures as Dubai escort. This time I would like to share the one that was in client’s bathroom. He was a handsome around 6 feet tall architect. I actually felt sorry for him that he couldn't have long lasting relationships just because of his work. His living place was in a really lovely Dubai’s district far away from the Meena Bazaar and other crowded places. We drink some vine and the hot architect told that he wants to go and take a quick shower. When I knocked at the door to ask how long, he suddenly opened the door and pulled me inside. He closed the door and started to undress me slowly. We started to kiss passionately. I must admit that he was a really good and creative in this thing too. He opened the shower and was standing there with his great sexy muscles. Our bodies began to be wet. The running water was really nice warm and turned me on. I washed his body with a nice smelling shower jelly. It smelt like some wild berries. This smell filled the whole cabin. I felt architect’s dick getting harder. He lifted me up end went deep inside of me. I said that I want him right now so bad. He started to work faster. 

This man had the most gorgeous and passionate body I had ever seen. It was just perfect. I began to moan like whore. The vapor of the water covered the glass. He turned me to another side so I had to support myself with hands against the shower glass. Artist’s cock was like a tireless weapon with a mission to bring me to the orgasm. He squeezed my hard nipples. The water also gave that nice tickling feeling. We were getting into euphoria of delight. I was afraid of falling down as the feeling was too good and I didn't feel strength. He noticed that and turned me again around. His smile had that pleasured look and eyes were sparkling. The man gave me few last deep pushes and I grabbed into his back. The orgasm shivers run through me. I screamed and he gave deep passionate sigh. The sperm run down my pussy and mixed with water. We again washed each other. I wanted to wash his body forever. His muscles, especially belly was well built. Later we dried each other. His hands hang a bit more on my breasts. He had that look that he wants me again. I was taken to the bedroom.

This time he made a longer foreplay. I started to moaned again and grabbed the sheets. He was really naughty and I like that so much. I was taken up and down and other ways. I didn't control how loud I screamed, but I guess it was too loud as he gave me kiss and didn’t let go my lips. The man put a force to keep me silent. I like this kind of passionate violence. He also holds my arms with his so that I couldn't do anything. He fucked me really hard. I think he never have sex with Asian Singapore escorts. It felt amazing. After a few times I noticed that all the white sheets were covered with his juicy sperm and they needed to be washed. He collapsed on me. I felt his warm passionate and delighted breath on my neck. He kissed me a few times and so did I. I told him how good he was, but he told that it was nothing yet. The artist took the sheets from the big bed and took me also to the bathroom again. This time he put me on the washing machine. He spread my legs apart and again come inside of my pussy. My feet weren't touching the ground and I could feel his power fully. The washing machine started to work and made some vibrations. It was really hot. Nobody had taken me on the washing machine. It was a new experience in UAE. With this architect I met a couple more great times. Since that night artists always have been my favorite clients. They have extraordinary ideas that I really like. Bringing them delight is also a hot adventure to me.