Secret touch guilty pleasures in UAE

I have been an Singapore escort lady in UAE since I was 18. There have been many different experiences, but some of them to me seem more interesting. I have always being satisfied with water sports and other things to do in water like swimming just for fun. With time as a adult woman I found more trifling experience duin the water. My client was a businessman who wanted to have a hot evening in a resort. It sounded nice and the offered pay was more than that. He picked me up with a stunning black Mercedes. He told about his stressful job and that he just wants to get. That was nothing new for me as an Dubai escort girl. The resort we arrived at wasn’t the cheap one. It was really fascinating. We drink some vine and started to make my moves. We were moving to the bed side, but he told that he wants to go into a pool. I said that I don’t have any swimming suit, but for him it was no problem. While I was undressing he kept his eyes at me and I throw the parts from clothes one by one. I saw that the man likes what he sees. As I went closer to him I saw what a great sexy muscles he had. It was strange, because he was a businessman. We just swim for a while. He let to kiss him, but he didn’t turn on. 

Everything I didn’t make him go crazy. I also get into his pants, but that wasn’t enough. He went out of the pool and just asked if I want to come with him into a Jacuzzi, because there is warmer. I did, since it was part of my Companion job in Secret Touch. There he was like a whole different man. He grabbed my ass and pulled my legs open. We kissed so passionate and long. I felt is cock rising. He pushed me against the margin of the Jacuzzi. He was as close as he could get. I couldn’t do much, but seemed like he enjoyed being the one who controls everything. He lifted me up and I was standing on feet. I told that I can’t stand, because it is too slippery for me. He just took his arms around my ass and lifted. He was really strong. I almost didn’t need to keep the speed, because he was doing all by himself. It really turned me on and I started to scream of the delight. He stopped me with his tongue in my mouth. It was making crazy swills in my mouth. I hardly could keep up with it. I reached an orgasm pretty fast and felt with my whole body in his arms. He was still standing. I felt his sperm slowly falling in the water. It was amazing experience for me as an escort. He called me few other times and we did things in different places where also was water. It was absolutely the highest point of delight to me.