Staying at Dubai Citymax Hotel with an Escort

I guess it was only normal thing that being alone in one of the biggest cities o the United Arab Emirates I wanted to have not only some crazy nightlife at club 27 or some other place, but also to feel the woman touch and what is the best way to do that? Naturally it was an Dubai escort girl that I booked just for one night, but it was a night that I won’t forget for a long time. The hotel I was staying called Citymax Hotel was cheap one so I could easily spend more money on some intimate and professional services that would satisfy me more than some material things. I choose really hot babe who still was Arabian with darker skin and deep, brown eyes, making me feel already to have sex with her as soon as the door of my room will close.

She was knocking at my door at evening dressed in some light dress and high heels. The escort girl was also wearing some make-up, but that wasn’t anything vulgar. We drink some wine and with more time I spend with her, more warmness I got in my body. It was a great feeling that I had paid for so many things that I couldn’t even wait for her to start getting more intimate. Everything started to happen really natural. As I started to kiss the sexy neck, the babe started to undress me and as she got to my pants, it was a start for some more delightful things and my cock was already missing that for a long time. Her arms were careful with touching it and that was what I wanted. Her lips were big, soft and seemed like could lick all my body without any shame. It was much greater that going to the near Mall as I could get delicious thing right in my bed. It was a great opportunity to be allowed to do things I want without knowing the other person and be what I’m. The Dubai escort chick guided me inside of her and I could start making more action. I went straight how far m cock could get and it was really delightful. When I felt exhausted, the chick started to give me some passionate massage. It was so hot that I suddenly finished in her arms, but she just smiled and said that I should be ready for some more. It was right that I cum different places couple of times, but the best place naturally was on the sexy and young body. She was really great at giving blowjobs and also fucking. I nearly could keep up with the babe.

Citymax hotel turned out to be a place where I got the best night I could ask for. The escort chick gave her all to make me feel delighted. There wasn’t any second that I felt disappointed or bored. Staying with such hot female has to be every men enjoyment time to time.