To Dubailand in Dubai with an Escort

As I was a tourist it was only natural I didn’t want to feel alone and still do several things. As I was travelling alone then at my Al Bustan Rotana hotel was pretty boring at evenings. I knew that in this Arabian place were several supermarkets where easily could find things to do. One of it that I wanted to try was Dubailand where were various leisure centers, shopping, cinema and other things. The only problem was that I didn’t want to go there alone so I choose to book a professional entertainer who will have to do not only that, but also many other things which I was ready to feel what is professional adult entertainment as well as have great time being as I am.

The first thing that amazed me naturally was the Dubai escort ladies outlook as even with just a bit of make-up she looked really hot and not like the typical Arabian woman who liked to dress in long dressings. She liked to show her sexy body and liked to see the big breasts looking at me freely. It was something that was worth to see and definitely even more worth to feel, but somehow I pulled myself together and we went to the Dubai Sports City where we found also bowling and it was still great to see the hot body in front of me on the move. It was something amazing to me and pleasant to watch despite that I was still winning in the game. The chick seemed naturally enjoying the time too. Later we went to the Al Sahra Desert and it was place where I could talk more with the chick and she like a tour guide told me various things about Dubai and also some more private things. She also told more about the future plans of Dubailand as there is planned to be the Great Dubai Wheel which will be even bigger than the London Eye.

As it was already beginning to be very late, it was also finally time to get to the my hotel room and try some more interesting things that won’t cost some extra money as I had already paid for everything that I wanted to happen. The only thing I didn’t knew how it all will go together. The hot chick started with a massage as she got off my clothes. Even getting out of clothes was pleasant as her arms were really soft and tenuous. There wasn’t any shame or unpleasant feelings. My cock was fully loaded so the chick didn’t waste much more time and pulled down her clothes and went on me. It was nice as I didn’t have to do much and she was moving the way still was pleasant to me. When I felt like I can’t resist the tension, I slowly lifted and turned her. Being able to get inside of this hot female from the front and start moving the speed I wanted was even greater. It was mindblowing.