When Shopping Turns to Something more Intimate with an Dubai Escort

For me as a tourist it was pretty big deal to get these United Arab Emirates great souvenirs and other memorable things that is one of the reasons I choose to book a professional girl who was said that could also deal with entertaining tourists and showing them around. She looked really Arabic and I liked to see her being as local as I wanted to know more about this interesting culture. I didn’t even know that they called their local markets souks. The greatest liens were along both sides of the Dubai Creek so it wasn’t had to find them, but I was more worried about getting lost there as there are many people and as we know some of the sellers like to ask more cash from the travellers and I definitetly didn’t looked like one of them and also had no knowledge about their language and that is why this hot chick was with me was like a treasure.

When I saw the VIP Singapore escort girl  I booked I could tell that she looked even greater than in pictures. A girl like that in real life would never go out with me as well as she probably would be talken a long tiem ago so there were even more reasons why I could be amazed just to be beside her. She talked about many hand-made thing that are popular here and would be as a great gift. Walking through various markets I saw large amounts of necklaces, brooches, rings, statues of temples, Muslims, paintings with everyday life etc. some of them were in gold color and even from the true gold. If I would have my own transport I definitely would had bought some painting and carpets as they really looked like a masterpiece of art.

There also were many different aromas in the air so I was happy when the girl took me to some pretty cheap, but still interesting eating place where I could get interested more in the local food like salmon with a fricassee of peas and horseradish, poached chicken who looked really tasty. We drunk some wine and it was really pleasant. After some time when I said that I need to go to toilet I was a bit surprised that my personal tour guide said that she will come with me. There weren’t any other people in it and that the girl chooses to lock the doors behind us felt the right way to be. Actually I wanted to get more intimate with her, but I was too shy to ask her about to have some kind of extra services. She said that I should talk less and allow her to entertain and pleasure me. So I did and after just a few minutes we were fucking like two crazy people. Shopping at Dubai can turn out to be a great entertainment if you choose to do it with a hot escort girl. I felt like I was like a real winner.