This is a great city located in China where meets historical and modern times of this nation. There is also mixed a great view from the village and city scape making it pleasant to various kind of people. Beijing is also known as Peking and the biggest and centre of all the happenings. It is important to not get lost in such a big city. To make in more easier for you and people who are traveling with you will be more pleasant with this trip if you will have some independent Beijing escorts. Tour guides in more passionate time. You just have to agree if you have your own plans what you want to explore or the girls to choose basing on your interests and similar things. A popular place no matter what season it is is considered Beihai Park which has also has its own big lake that makes this place a perfect spot for boating and skating in winter. The lake has also a few islands on one of which there can be found the Temple of Eternal Peace an d Buddha statue.

To see the cityscape in full its grace you can go to Drum and Bell tower which were build around 13th century. There is also located a bar where you can get buzzed and have pretty vivid time with a lounge place where to get more private atmosphere. Near these towers are also so called Forbidden city which consists of various kinds of courtyards, pavilions, gardens and halls where can get the clear view how their have lived different dynasties. There also are seen in pretty large numbers different paintings, ancient pottery, bronzes. Near it is located also Jingshan which is a Prospect Park. There is so called Coal hill where can see great views towards various golden roofs and other interesting national buildings. Escorts in Beijing will also say that it would be hard to find a better place to have a lovely meal outside. The place is silent and hostile making everyone enjoy the time spent there. These female can help to organize all the things needed to have a local food like sushi and other interesting eating exotic things or you can just simply take them all already ready from some eating place. At some parks are found also different kind of temples where can feel the religious impact on this culture there can hear different songs and also get closer into understand chi and other things.

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