Cairo hotness near Nile with an Escort Girl

It was a lovely, but lonely evening. I was sitting near the Nile River in lively Cairo. My heart wanted some delight together with a romance. Somehow I remembered that my friend gave number to some pretty cheap Istanbul escort. It didn’t took me a lot of consideration and in my phone was a sound of call up. A nice woman picked up and asked for all my desires, but I didn’t want something extra enticing. I asked for simplest and unhistrionic girl they had. When it was already half dark a person appeared near the embankment. I understood that it was my booked Istanbul escort girl. I went towards her. She was really simple and beautiful in natural way. I offered her to rent a Falucca to go with me. The water was awesome and par to the sun wasn’t set yet. The man at the wheel didn’t pay much attention on us, so we could do whatever we wanted behind him. She sits down in my lap and twister round her legs. We kissed and I used the opportunity to squeeze her boob. I guess it was size B and felt so nice. After getting out of boat she said that we can go to Garden City which is a lovely place in  Egypt. I totally trusted her. More I talked to her harder to me was to believe that she was an Cairo escort girl. I got to know that she was studying art and needed money.

As we got to a lovely room, I actually felt sorry for her, but she said that I don’t have to be, because she likes this job. She put on some nice rhythm music which I really liked. She took her arms around me and we started to kiss passionately. I simply took her to bed and lied her carefully down. She parted her legs and I just went closer with all my clothes. Even with them on I think she felt my cock getting harder. She understood that and we started to undress each other. Her lovely blouse felt down revealing even lovelier outlook. I took her panties off and pushed my cock against her pussy. Her eyes looked so innocent and wanting at the same time. I went inside of her. She made one little moan. It felt to right and needed for me. She holds her arms close to mine and with time we flow together like Nile from smaller streams. We gained more delight power. Her kisses were so cheering and soft. She was a really sweet girl which would definitely go out with anytime of the day if only this wouldn’t be just her job. However, in this girl was whole much more than just a job. There is no need for some sexy girl who looks like 10, but if you don’t get that feeling of consistency, than it wouldn’t be such great. I had the real Egyptian treasure which I got a change to delight.