Professional Escort first Experience

I have lived my whole life in Cairo and have seen many other nationalities as my work is based on the adult entertainment. VIP Egypt’s escort agencies have made my life with full of entertainment and experiences. As we know if life people brightly remember the first time in many things – first kiss, brake – up, fight, car, date, also sex. My first client was at the age of 18. I was a new one in this business, everything was unfamiliar to me. I had recently updated my profile info in the internet and wanted to get more money for my studies, so I included intimate relationships too. I must admit that I was a bit scared, because I didn’t know how he acts when gets crazy and unstoppable. After just a few hours in my e-mail was an offer. It seemed nice. However he didn’t wrote much about himself, I already then had feeling that he was a busincessman who wanted break free from the daily routine in a passionate way. He wrote than he would be waiting me in one of the Cairo’s Pub 38 at the bar counter. My first thought was that is not kind a pub that a man working in the business would like to go, because it is smoky, loud. There are a lot of foreigners so it was interesting why he couldn't just meet someone there. Then I was indifferent to the reasons. 

Meaningless sex means there will be not much questions, just actions. So I quickly put up a new shining t–shirt with a wide decollete, short miniskirts and mesh ornamented tights. I was ready to blow his mind away. As experienced Cairo escorts usually does. When I finally got to that little, but crowdie pub, it was a late night. It was as he wanted. He was sitting at the bar and drinking some beer. I put my legs up on the chair. He ordered me a whisky and so we drunk. As we the night went on, the talks went less and finally he wanted to go to some place silently. There was a flame in his eyes, but also he looked a little bit too drunk. He was taking me to his place, which turned out to be just across the corner. He didn’t turn on the lights and just went on towards the bed. I tried to twist my legs around him, but he just throw me in the bad and went on. He was basically tearing apart my clothes. When I get to his pants, he finally slowed down. I unzipped his trousers and felt that already there was something pretty hard. I went after for what I say. It was big and felt like every second went bigger and bigger. I suck it for some time, but then with a wild twist he went inside me. He was quite brutal, but both felt the same crazy passion. I admire crazy businessmen which I get to know in my escort in Istanbul job.