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Mmm-escorts.com is NOT an escort agency! It does not negotiate or play any part in the booking of any services. Furthermore it is NOT responsible for any negotiations or agreements between any person and or persons and the individual or individuals within this site. It is merely a site on which independent people may advertise! The advertisers are totally independent of the Webmaster and each other. The Webmaster has no knowledge of the day-to-day activities of the advertisers. The administrators of this site will cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities in any matter regarding underage persons.

You MUST be over 18 to appear on this site or view material within it. Anyone accessing this site either in non registered or registered mode will be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and all other of our stated policies. We set out below very clearly what IS and what is NOT allowed in terms of content. Although we do our best to police the site and promptly remove unsuitable or illegal material it is the responsibility of each individual user to act responsibly and within the law and ensure they understand what is acceptable material in the forms of words, images to upload.
The owners of this site accept no liability for the contents uploaded or published by users within this web site although we take an actively responsible view and will remove offending material once it comes to our attention. The material on this site is assumed to legally belong to the individuals who uploaded or published it and users of the site have no rights to the intellectual, material, copyrighted or trademarked property of Mmm-escorts.com or the third parties who have chosen to show their content on these websites.

Any downloaded or copied material from this website is limited to download for personal private use and cannot be rented, shared, sold, given away free or used in any commercial manner or non commercial manner without the express permission of the individual owners of that material. When you use this site you must act within the law at all times and this includes (but is not limited to) Not acting fraudulently, Not distributing illegal or offensive material in any format including words, images and NOT encouraging or perpetrating any actions that could be seen as harassment, bullying, threatening, racist, ageist, sexist, insulting, malicious in any way including being malicious against the site owners or against the site members, misleading, harmful to users of the site, harmful to minors outside of the site.

We take site security and the data of any users of this site very seriously. Any attempts to distribute viruses, worms, malicious code, spyware, adware or any such equivalent potentially harmful action will be taken VERY seriously. All relevant logs and forensic tracing equipment will be used to find the culprit and this will be passed on to the legal bodies who would then pursue this matter to its legal outcome. If we suspect that someone was either impersonating another person, not really who they claim to be, attempting to penetrate our security we will take whatever action we deem necessary including handing over to the authorities any forensic evidence we naturally obtain when someone arrives at our site either physically or digitally from afar.

We reserve all rights and can terminate an account with no notice if we suspect it is fake or breaking the terms of use or not acting within the good spirit of friendliness and respect that we try and engender. We are legally required to monitor and store materials actions, words and behaviour used within our site. It is impossible to read every single piece of information that passes through the site but we do conduct random sampling to note trends and rely heavily on known patterns and triggers that bring to our attention any offensive or threatening behaviour and we have already acted swiftly in removing people who have acted in such ways.

All details you give to us must be true, accurate up to date at all times. You must be of legal age to access our site from wherever you are and determined by the state or country you live. You must not be offended by graphic images, words, swearing, legal adult sexual activity or pornographic imagery of any kind and it must be legal for you to access such material. We will not be liable for any consequential or indirect losses that occur due to third parties or our negligence. All of our actions are conducted in good faith and we take many precautions but we cannot warrant or guarantee that all materials on our site will at all times remain free of harmful programs, viruses, spyware, worms, adware or any such action that could be deemed in any way to cause you to have a direct or indirect loss.
Indirect loss. Our intent is to ensure the site is clean and free from any potentially harmful materials and these will be removed the moment we become aware of them. We will not be liable in any way for any members, non members or third parties, online or remotely executed actions from people contravening our terms of use and other policies contained within the site. We will not be liable for any failure arising out of an error, negligence on our part, negligence or malicious intent on the part of a member or third party, force majeure, failure of infrastructure, server crashes, loss of data, wars, flood, power losses, strikes, government intervention, terrorist attacks or industrial action affecting us, our suppliers, our members, non members or any third parties.

We are the distributor for our members sexually explicit materials within this web site and any such materials produced and provided by members and third party advertisers belong to them and any record keeping pursuant to 18 U.S.C 2257 Record Keeping Requirements is legally required to be kept by them. The Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England. Disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Any Photos, videos and words uploaded to our site must legally belong to you and you must be legally allowed to upload this material.

It must NOT contain any of the following: 1. No image advertising, posting or display using models under 18, clothed or unclothed 2. No marketing a site using Lo.lit.a, Ki.ds Un.der.ag.e Pe.do etc or words or images that could infer a model was under 18. 3. No image or words relating to extreme violence, sc.at, s.nuff, incest, r.ape, mutilation, or elimination of body wastes on another person. 4. No images or words depicting best.iality ( i.e. sexual acts with animals) 5. Nothing obscene, libellous or threatening.

If you are unsure of what is allowed or disallowed please just email or call before posting it on the site and we will double check for you. Anything illegal or grossly offensive will be promptly removed and the appropriate authorities may be notified.Terms and conditions are updated regularly and you need to be aware of the latest version which can be found at the page footer link.

You agree to indemnify and hold Us harmless from any claim or damages (including any legal fees in relation to same) made by yourself, or a third party in respect of any matter in relation to any of our policies or terms and conditions or any technical errors that may have occurred once you have made a profile on our site whether the profile be live, deleted or in any other state.